Jorgen Jensen

Partner | Broker Associate

Jorgen landed in Denver 12 years ago and has lived and worked downtown ever since. An Architecture School dropout, he’s always carried with him a strong passion for design, urban development and photography.

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A native of Des Moines, Iowa, starting at the age of 13 Jorgen spent most summers and weekends working for the late Kirk Von Blunck, a highly-awarded Design Architect and Historic Preservationist. While just a grunt, Jorgen assisted Kirk as he worked to revitalize Des Moines’ Historic East Village, with the restoration and redevelopment of large-scale projects such as the Teachout Building, Hohberger Building and the Crane Co. (Artist Lofts). Naturally, Kirk impressed upon Jorgen at a young age the importance of preserving our Cities’ architectural heritage, and the power we have to transform our communities through Art, Culture, Creative Placemaking and thoughtful Community Development efforts.

Jorgen has a natural knack for connecting others and bringing people together. With a true passion for hospitality he has hosted over 300 travelers via Airbnb downtown Denver. Jorgen will tell you that this has been one of the more enriching experiences of his life.

Jorgen is the Developer and Co-Owner of The Foundry in Des Moines’s Historic Valley Junction, a redevelopment project that includes the conversion of a 1890’s railroad maintenance facility into an innovative mix of uses, including a Distillery, Food & Beverage Hall and Non-Profit Commissary Kitchen dedicated to 16 Food Truck Operators.

Since graduating from Iowa State University with degrees in Finance & Design, Jorgen has participated in a variety of real estate ventures including,

  • Capital Development for an Alternative Investments Broker/Dealer, focusing on raising private placement capital in a variety of real estate based syndications.
  • In 2009 Jorgen stepped into a partnership role with Renaissance Land & Water Management, and provided support in the acquisition, development and investment of raw land, water, water storage and other development opportunities in real estate throughout Northern Colorado.
  • In 2012, after attaining his Colorado Real Estate License, Jorgen went to work with Urban Market Partners, an urban infill development company founded by Amy Harmon. It was at UMP where Jorgen practiced real estate brokerage and continued his work in Creative Placemaking.

Jorgen is committed to the positive development of his community, and has exemplified this commitment through a number of roles he has filled over the past decade while living in Denver:

In 2008 Dana Crawford and others inducted Jorgen onto the Board of the Union Station Advocates, a civic advocacy group focused on the design excellence of public spaces throughout the 20 acre transit redevelopment around the Historic Denver Union Station Building. Today, the Union Station Advocates serves as Registered Neighborhood Organization (RNO), and continues to encourage an enhanced experience for all the many who visit Union Station and the surrounding neighborhood.

In 2013 Jorgen Co-Founded the After Party on the Bridge, an annual fundraising event that supports The Greenway Foundation, a non profit focused on the improvement and beautification of Denver’s South Platte River, it’s waterways and adjoining urban parks.

Since 2009 Jorgen has been engaged with the Biennial of the Americas, an International Festival that unites our 34 nations across the Americas, through Art, Ideas & Culture. Currently, Jorgen is a member of the Next Generation Advisory Committee and continues his work to engage young professionals around Denver’s art and cultural development initiatives.

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