About Slate

At SLATE our passion is connecting people to exceptional living spaces. We are driven by design and the opportunity we have to enhance the quality of our built environment, local communities, and the lives of our clients.


At SLATE we believe that the spaces we choose to inhabit have a profound effect on who we are. They provide refuge, house our important belongings and encourage us to lead a well-lived life. The built environment has the power to reflect our individual and shared cultural values, capture our curiosities and inspire us.

We believe that it’s outside of these spaces and into our neighborhoods and cities where the meaningful work is done. Having a deep connection to one’s community gives life a greater sense of purpose and a support network that we as individuals need to thrive. We believe our experiences are heightened and our lives enriched when shared.

We believe the world is more interesting and exciting when driven by creativity, and enhanced by beauty. We believe that quality design has the power to support our general well-being, promote joy and increased happiness in our lives.

These are some of the things that are most important to us. We invite you to learn more and discover for yourself: The Slate Difference.

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Jorgen Jensen

Partner | Broker Associate

(303) 319-1278


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Stan Kniss

Partner | Employing Broker

(303) 324-5681


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Kaitlin Harvey

Broker Associate | Realtor©

(303) 941-3386


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Scott Leggett

Broker Associate | Realtor©

(303) 817-7320


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Sean Devine

Broker Associate | Realtor©

(323) 252-9939


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Tanya Heller

Broker Associate | Realtor©

(303) 927-8867


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Lyndsey O’Connell

ESQ, Associate Broker

(303) 418-2215


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Francisco Padilla

Executive Assistant



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Adam Ferry

Graphic Design Partner | Now Now

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