Image: Rafael Gamo

As we approach our upcoming /NOOK Series 02, we thought it appropriate to share a unique example of inclusive spaces and activations that inspire us. This one, in particular, happens to be in the borough next door to our New York based Digital Marketing Director, Bailey de Vries.

Located in Brooklyn, Amant is an artistic and research oriented platform. Founded in 2019, the non-profit fosters experimentation and dialogue through exhibitions, public programs, and artist residencies, supporting both established and mid-career international and local artists who work across diverse creative fields. The campus comprises four buildings spread across two blocks. Embedded within the subtle utility of its materials, the architecture embodies the ethos of Amant: ‘providing space for showing, broadcasting, and making art public, while offering another place for reflecting, meeting, and creating community.’

Amant was designed by Brooklyn-based architecture firm SO–IL as an art campus, housing exhibition galleries, a performance space, a bookstore and café, as well as an independent studio residency. A series of courtyards and thoroughfares weave through and between the buildings, thereby integrating art spaces into the urban fabric of East Williamsburg.