Director of Business Development

(303) 956-8069


Adam leans on his experience, authenticity, sense of humor and calm demeanor to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry but it’s his loyalty and steadfast commitment to his craft that yield the greatest value to his peers and his clientele.

Energized by timeless design and stunning architecture, LEGOs were quite literally the building blocks of Adam’s real estate career.

As a kid, Adam meticulously designed houses and stadiums with a menagerie of tiny colored bricks. He spent Saturday mornings with Norm Abram watching This Old House and his parents rewarded good behavior with long drives through Country Club, Belcaro, Bonnie Brae and Wash Park so he could gawk at Denver’s historic architecture.

His insatiable appetite for creative outlets evolved into a love for branding and advertising. He scribbled taglines for fictitious businesses during class, wrote jingles for a kick and built brands for no reason other than to create something new.

Adam went to school to explore a career in business and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Colorado, Denver with a degree in Communications and an emphasis in Public Relations and Conflict Management.

He received a master’s degree in Determination, Perseverance and Stick-to-it-ness when he tried out for the United States Skeleton Team because as he says, “Why not? You only live once.” Armed with zero-experience and an uninspiring athletic résumé he earned his way to seventh in the nation representing the United States at an international level.

In addition to assisting his clientele, Adam is responsible for strategically growing Slate Real Estate Advisors in accordance with the brand’s ethos, culture and dynamic approach to the real estate industry.