Director of Digital Marketing


Bailey is an Interdisciplinary Creative with a diverse and accomplished track record. Bailey holds a BA from CU Denver in Literature Arts and Global Perspectives and is working toward a Master’s in History of Design and Curatorial Studies at Parsons School of Design in NYC.

As a self-starting entrepreneur, ambitious academic, and skilled artist, Bailey’s approach to digital marketing is multidimensional. Adhering to the belief that space, whether it be experienced physically or presented digitally, shapes perspective, Bailey strives for elegant and thoughtful design experiences. Her extensive background in classical ballet is a significant driving force and source of inspiration for her love of performance art and visual storytelling.

Bailey is the founder and owner of de FRANK, a creative house specializing in visual and performance narratives. Notable projects include:

  • Baroque: Beauty within Barriers: a single day pop up experience, merging visual art, music, performance art, lighting design, fashion, and architecture into a collective experience. Premiered August 9th, 2020.
  • Con Classica: A 60-minute immersive exhibition of light, sound, and movement where audiences explore the body in response to setting and circumstance; a journey of re-finding and re-defining connection and conversation—facing ourselves in instances of harmony and invention. [ To be premiered June 2021 ]

Bailey is devoted to creating synergy between her passion for visual storytelling and experiential design in the artful pursuit of connecting people to places.