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Surround Architecture

Surround Architecture, an award-winning design firm located in Boulder, Colorado, provides a balanced approach to our clients fusing cutting edge architectural design with uncompromising technical competence. The studio’s amazing team of design professionals approach every project with creativity, ingenuity and enthusiasm to ensure the best process and outcome for our clientele.

Surround’s Colorado roots and connection to the community provide a level of care that shows through in all of their projects both locally and abroad. The combination of unique aesthetics, technical competency and environmental stewardship ensures that they make every project a successful one.

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Tomecek Studio

Tomecek Studio Architecure Designs Experiences. They believe thoughtful, collaborative and lasting creation of architecture has the ability to impact the quality of life for those who use it. Tomecek Studio Architecture is dedicated to crafting unique and responsive spaces that go above and beyond the standard building experience – an Architecture Extended.

The Studio operates at the progressive edges of its profession. Uniquely, they stop, look, and listen. Their observations become the basis for their actions, which are encompassed in a collaborative process: client + architect + task + place. Ultimately, they craft places that live in memory based on the sculpting of light, surface, material and space. They provide creative solutions to their client’s specific circumstances. They employ research-driven processes that yield efficient and unique solutions. Tomecek Studio Architecture believes in the financial responsibility of the architect – client relationship. Quality is the ultimate measure of value.

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Tres Birds Workshop

Founded by Mike Moore, Tres Birds Workshop is a full-service architecture and general contracting firm based in Denver, Colorado. The studio’s primary objective is to unite humans with nature through the built environment and lower embodied energy + fossil fuel consumption in the practice of architecture.

The natural world runs on highly sophisticated and efficient systems that create balance and order. Tres Birds seeks to mimic this efficiency and views each project as a total system to be approached in an integrated and holistic manner, using cross-disciplines: art, science (biology, ecology), anthropology, architecture and construction management.

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Von Mod

Von Mod is an innovative design-manufacture cabinet company founded by licensed architect, Jordan Vaughn. Vonmod is a team of designers and architects that utilize automation and 3d modeling to manufacture custom casework, furniture, art, and so much more.



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